Sen. Bill Nelson Shuts Up After His Russian Bluff Was Called

Senator Bill Nelson made the unsubstantiated claim that Russia was already interfering with the Florida election as Rick Scott beat him in poll after poll. This will be a recurring theme used every time a Democrat loses an election. Claire McCaskill is already blaming her impending loss on the Russians. Rick Scott spent the entire weekend hitting Nelson on the issue. Nelson claims he can’t talk because it’s classified. It must really be highly classified, as no one at the DHS knows anything about it. Nelson has painted himself into the corner, with no way out.

From The Washington Times

With early voting beginning Monday in some Florida counties, the Senate race there was jolted as Republican Gov. Rick Scott kept up the pressure on Sen. Bill Nelson’s thus-far unsubstantiated claims that Russian operatives have already compromised Florida elections.

In the hotly contested race, Democratic Sen. Nelson’s comments seemed to dovetail with the narrative of Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. elections —international shenanigans many in the American intelligence community have concluded were real.

But Mr. Nelson’s pointed remarks triggered a storm of protest not only from his Republican challenger, Mr. Scott, but from other Florida officials, too.

Mr. Scott spent the weekend hammering Mr. Nelson for his claims last Tuesday that “Russians are in Florida’s elections records,” and that they had “already penetrated certain counties in the state and they now have free rein to move about.”

The Democrats are playing a dangerous game, because if the Russian collusion hoax falls apart before election day, they will all have egg on their faces, and that will turn voters off from them, especially in Nelson’s case, where he evidently lied about the Russian interference.

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