Serial Killer of Four Arrested…Guess What…He's an Illegal Alien

Police have arrested a suspect in the killing of four people in Nevada and of course, he’s an illegal alien. With a wall, those four people might be alive today. Unfortunately, the Democrats really don’t care how much blood they have on their hands as long as they think they can gain power for it. The suspect, 19-year-old Wilbur Ernesti Martinez-Guzman is believed to have been working alone and committed the murders during break-ins in houses near Carson City, where he was living.
KOLO TV reported:

A man apparently in the United States illegally is the primary suspect in four Northern Nevada murders, and no one else is being sought.
January 20, 2019, Washoe County Sheriff Darin Balaam hosted a multi-agency news conference to announce the arrest of 19-year-old Wilbur Ernesti Martinez-Guzman. Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong says the suspect had lived in the Carson City area about a year, but has no local record.
The suspect is so far charged with burglary, possession of stolen property and obtaining money by false pretenses, and he is on an immigration hold. District Attorneys from Washoe County and Douglas County hope to file murder charges against him in the coming days, saying there is enough evidence to support such charges.
The suspect was taken into custody Saturday, January 19, 2019 in Carson City. Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong says he was arrested on an immigration charge after being rammed by deputies on Carson Street in the Carson Mall parking lot. The suspect had already been identified as a person of interest through the investigation and tips from the public, and had been under surveillance. That operation involved several Carson City neighborhoods.
No information about a possible motive for the killings has been offered.

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