Sharyn Bovat Says She was Sexually Molested By Feinstein Donor…Feinstein Covered it Up [VIDEO]

Sharyn Bovat worked as an escort at a party where Dianne Feinstein, a friend of her mom’s, was throwing for a Japanese donor. Later in the evening, she said she went up to her room, where she was molested by the Japanese donor. The next day, she was thrown out of the hotel and she claims that Feinstein covered the crime up. Considering what Feinstein did to Brett Kavanaugh, the FBI should immediately open an investigation of Feinstein for facilitating a sexual assault after the fact. Republicans should immediately demand a hearing with Bovat and Feinstein, to investigate.

From The Gateway Pundit

Sharyn Bovat went on YouTube this week and disclosed her horrific story of sexual abuse and Senator Dianne Feinstein’s enabling and cover up.

In 1990 Sharyn was an escort at a Feinstein party of a Japanese investor at the Fairmount Hotel in San Francisco. Feinstein was running for governor and it was her 47th birthday. After the dinner Sharyn went up to her room and was molested and sexually abused by the Japanese donor. The next day she was kicked out of the hotel.

Sharyn’s mother was a Democrat and friend of Dianne Feinstein. Sharyn said she never was going to go public until Feinstein began her awful smear of Brett Kavanaugh. Sharyn says to Dianne, “I was helping you because you didn’t want the unions to know that you were taking money from foreign donors.”

Please call the Senate Judiciary Committee and demand they open an investigation of Dianne Feinstein immediately!

Bovat posted this video:

And this one:

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