UNFREAKINGBELIEABLE: Republican Gains the Most Votes But Democrat Declared the Winner

Democratic corruption has reached an all-time low. We are used to Democrats using voter fraud to win elections and in California, where they used ballot harvesting, which is a crime in 49 states. But, none of that can top what happened in Maine District 02. Rep. Bruce Poliquin (R-ME-02) received 2,632 more votes than Jared Golden on election day. But, then Secretary of State of Maine, Democrat Matt Dunlap, declared Golden as the winner of the election. There is going to be a recount of the votes, but even if Poliquin gains more votes, he will still lose.

That is because Democratic lawmakers in Maine set up a procedure called “rank voting.” Voters rank their preference for office, and each position is given a value. They add all of those points up, and that person wins even if they have fewer votes. Poliquin is suing over the rank voting and is asking the court to find the practice unconstitutional and declare him the winner or to order a runoff election. Don’t hang your hat on the outcome.

From Breitbart News

Secretary of State Dunlap, a Democrat, declared Democrat Jared Golden the winner of the election on November 15, despite the fact that Rep. Bruce Poliquin (R-ME-02) received 2,632 more votes than Golden on election day, a consequence of the state’s implementation of a controversial “rank voting” system.

Thanks to a 2016 referendum that was placed on the state ballot and was passed due to the financial support of liberal Texas billionaire John Arnold, Maine’s 2018 federal election was the first time in American history that candidates were federal offices were selected using a complex “rank voting system.”

Since a Maine judge had earlier ruled that the “rank voting system” passed by voters in 2016 and affirmed by voters in June 2018 violated the Maine Constitution, state offices were selected by the traditional voting system used in the rest of the country–winners were determined by who received the most votes.

Attorneys for U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin and U.S. Rep.-elect Jared Golden argued in federal court Wednesday about the constitutionality of Maine’s ranked-choice voting law, the election process that propelled Golden to a victory over the two-term incumbent Poliquin in November,” the Portland Press Herald reported, adding:

Poliquin’s lawyers are asking U.S. District Judge Lance Walker to rule that the law, passed by voters in November 2016 and affirmed with a citizens’ veto vote in June, violates the U.S. Constitution. They are arguing that Poliquin should either be declared the winner based on the fact he won the plurality of votes in the first round of counting or that there should be a special election, or runoff, between Golden, a Democrat, and Poliquin, a Republican.