UNREAL: 12 Members of MS-13 are Indicted Despite Complaints From Sanctuary City

Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have believed it, but today I would be surprised if a sanctuary city acted any differently. Twelve alleged members of the MS-13 gang were indicted in Santa Cruz county for  murder, extortion, arson, drug trafficking and racketeering charges. The county is angry because they claim that they were duped into aiding the federal authorities in making the arrests. God forbid we should take murderers off the streets. As the Democrats love to say, “That is not who we are as a people.” But they would be wrong. Taking murderers and criminals off the streets is not who they are as a people, but it’s most certainly who we, the people who love this country more than gangsters, are as a people.

From ABC 7

“MS-13 has presented a violent threat in the Santa Cruz area for years,” U.S. Attorney Alex Tse said. “The gang targeted many, including other immigrants from El Salvador, and they instilled fear in everyone who experienced or witnessed their brutality.”

According to the indictment, the defendants engaged in racketeering for the purpose of preserving the power, territory, reputation and profits of the MS-13 gang.

The indictment describes how members of MS-13 met regularly to discuss disciplining members, planning crimes and extorting property from drug dealers in Santa Cruz by threatening violence against them or those close to them.

Democrats and their bosses in the lamestream media always rise to defend MS-13 because they are illegals and therefore have more rights than American citizens. It’s one thing to champion illegal aliens who do not commit other crimes, but a party that champions MS-13, well, they should be run out of the country. May I suggest El Salvador?

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