Vet Was Suicidal and Then James Woods Comes to the Rescue

People in Hollywood talk a lot but do really very little to make people’s lives better. There is one very notable exception, James Woods. Woods found out that a veteran was suicidal and he went into action, trying to find the vet to stop him. He even offered to talk to him one on one. The veteran, Andrew MacMasters, was threatening to kill himself. Woods tried to find out where MacMasters was and when he found out he was in Maitland, Florida, he called the Maitland police and asked them to do a welfare check on the vet.

The police went to the man’s house, but he wasn’t home. They were later able to talk to him on the phone, and MacMasters said he was okay but that he didn’t want to make contact with the police. That is good news, but the police want to meet with him in person to make sure he is fine.

From Fox News

The “Once Upon a Time in America” star tweeted at Orlando police to request a welfare check, but later contacted Maitland police in Florida after receiving information that MacMasters resided in that city.

“Okay. Just talked to Maitland Police.  The dispatch supervisor there was terrific. He’s confident they will find him. I gave Billy, the dispatcher, Andrew’s home address and the info a reliable source DMed me. They are all over this,” he tweeted. “Andrew wasn’t at his home address. @PoliceMaitland is getting assistance from neighboring agencies. They are really on this.”

Woods also wrote on Twitter: “If only Andrew could see the THOUSANDS of fellow Americans who are pulling for him. It’s like he’s lost behind enemy lines and we are cheering him home, willing him to survive. Andrew, do this for the ‘other 21’ vets a day who don’t make it home from the darkness. Stay alive!”

There are many Hollywood stars that mean well, but it’s always the conservatives that do well.

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