Experience Life Uncorked!

You’ve heard David talk about it, now give it a look.  See what living life uncorked is all about, and how we are a health and wellness company with products that just work! Now If you’re like me, you want to be healthy but you need something thats simple and easy, then you should get the blood sugar premier!.  You don’t want to think to much about it.  You want to make a smart decision with a company you can trust and be done with it. Results speak for themselves right? Well this presentation goes over all our products and gives you a quick rundown on what they are, what they are good for.


Heres a quick overview. The quality of supplements is usually a boring discussion for most people, but the short answer is this…  Not all supplements are equal.  The source matters greatly, and with our depleted food farms, we have no choice but to supplement.  Nutrition is vital to everybody.
One of the best ways to supplement your diet is REVIVE.  Its great for minerals, vitamins as well as antioxidants and probiotics.  Unlike cheap synthetic supplements you get at GNC or Cosctco, this whole food supplement nourishes you by utilizing nutrients from the source.  made from high quality nutrient dense plants! The way God made them.

Another favorite of mine is the sleep aid, “DREAM”.  This does just what it says, it helps you dream by helping you get deep restful sleep. With its blend of Magnesium, Calcium, valerian Root, melatonin and other ingredients, it hits sleep from every angle.  Im highly sensitive to melatonin and certain sleep aids and this product works exceptional for me.  Especially when I travel, I count on this to help me get restful sleep.
If you suffer from any sort of chemical or hormonal imbalance, both these above products are a vital foundation to the rest of your health.

If you are looking to start with the basics, definitely start with these.

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